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We are a real estate investment company that provides creative win-win real estate solutions for home sellers, home buyers, and our investors. We buy and sell all types of real estate. We buy single family homes, whether they’re pretty houses, ugly houses, or just need some TLC. We work with buyers who want to secure a home and live in it now. We want to help people who may not have perfect credit now, but want to explore all options in how, when, and what type of financing they will get to buy the home in the future. We work with all types of buyers and situations. Some need time to alleviate a shortage of down payment money, some need time to solve credit issues. Some just want to try out the house, schools or neighborhood. After our Tenant-Buyers move in, we work with lenders to help them repair their credit, so they can qualify for a new loan and then buy the property.

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The Deal You Have Been Searching For
You might be an investor looking to score your next investment property to add to your portfolio, or you might be a retail buyer looking for that “dream home” that you never thought you could afford. We know that finding the right house is a big part of how we all begin to achieve our dreams, whether it’s to build a family or to build a business. Before we even make an offer to buy a particular house, we are thinking about the person who will ultimately buy it.